Minimise your downtime with a backup and disaster plan

Would your business survive a security breach, ransomware attack or even natural disaster? An IT catastrophe can irreparably damage a business. There’s the risk of data loss and the downtime can be costly – even derailing. Don’t wait for a disaster to happen. Take the crucial steps now to protect your business with a reliable data backup system and business continuity plan.

Protect your business with our data backup solutions

A catastrophic data loss is enough to put many companies out of business. The fact is, disasters happen. But you can minimise the impact with some preemptive measures to protect your data.

We offer a range of solutions to help you secure your data. Whether you choose regular backups, off-site data backups, or cloud-based solutions to host your data off-site – we can protect your data so it can be easily retrieved and restored.

The quick response business continuity strategy every business needs

You can’t control when disaster will strike your IT systems. But you can control how you respond so as to minimise the damage.
With the right business continuity plan in place, you can help your business withstand the impacts of a natural disaster or cyber-attack.

We’ll devise a custom strategy that will guarantee your data’s survival, restore access to your systems quickly to minimise downtime and keep your business online so you can continue to deliver your services.

A rigorous disaster recovery plan to keep your business running

When disaster does strike, knowing a copy of your data is readily available may not be enough to get your business back up and running. Retrieving data can take time. Meanwhile, your business is down, your customers are impacted and your employees are sitting idle.

A disaster recovery plan is a detailed strategy to restore your business after disaster strikes. Whether data is deleted, your database corrupts or problems arise after a software upgrade, your disaster recovery plan outlines the reliable processes that will quickly restore your data, re-establish your systems and make your business functional again.
Our disaster recovery strategies are tailored to your business to give you peace of mind knowing you are always protected.

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