Cyber security solutions to protect your business

If your business has ever been impacted by a security breach, you would know the consequences can be dire. The financial impacts can be hard-hitting, the reputational damage can be devastating and the operational downtime disastrous.

Cyber-attacks are not discriminatory. They can affect businesses of all sizes.

Don’t be caught unprepared. Implement the measures your business needs to circumvent a dangerous digital threat.

Reliable security strategies that give your business the digital protection it needs

You know your business like the back of your hand. We know IT security. We can develop a customised security solution to safeguard your business from potential threats.

Network Discovery

We can keep track of the devices connected to your network, monitor the health of your infrastructure, and track any vulnerabilities. By identifying and managing your assets, we can assess and minimise your risk and ensure your business is not exposed to threats.

Sensitive Data Scanning

We can locate and protect important and sensitive data and implement security steps to ensure it remains protected. When you can’t risk having sensitive data in unsecured locations, our Sensitive File Discovery service will uncover where your data is located. We also offer ongoing monitoring to protect your business and minimise your risk of third- parties accessing your private data with our remediation service.

Dark Web Monitoring

Don’t risk your customers’ data being traded and sold on the dark web. We can identify if your systems have been breached and whether personal information has been leaked or stolen. Our ongoing monitoring provides peace of mind security and protection.

Cyber Security Training

Employees can be a weak link in a company’s IT security, exposing your business to phishers, cyber criminals or hackers. We can help your employees recognise a security threat and identify the steps to avoid it. Our education and training program can strengthen your business’ digital defense.

Password Management

Our password management solutions will help you generate strong passwords to protect your systems from hackers and malicious software. We’ll then store them in one safe, encrypted location. We can add or remove employee access to protect your sensitive business information.

Our Cyber Security solutions

Would your business survive a cyber attack? Find out if your business is compliant

Do you know your business’s Essential Eight maturity level? You should.
It has never been more important for businesses to safeguard their systems against cyber threats. In fact, protecting the information of your customers, staff and other stakeholders should be a priority.

Would your business survive a cyber attack? Find out if your business is compliant ​

We have partnered with the Australian Cyber Security Centre to help businesses exceed the highest Essential Eight maturity level to find out how your business compares to the ACSC targets.

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