Managed Telephony Services & the Ways it Helps Your Business

In business, you need every advantage possible. With managed telephony service, you can reduce communications costs and boost productivity.

Today, we live in an internet-driven society. VoIP managed telephony services enable companies to meet their primary communication needs using nothing more than a high-speed internet connection. Any company can benefit from efficient, cost-effective services. VoIP technology has proven itself just such a service for many businesses in Sydney and around the world. There’s a lot of conflicting information about VoIP services. Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place to find out what managed VoIP services are all about. To learn all about managed telephony services and the ways it can help your business, keep reading.


VoIP Benefits

VoIP is an acronym for voice over internet protocol. In other words, it’s a way to make phone calls using the internet. However, business VoIP offers many benefits for companies. Business VoIP services work similarly to applications such as Google Voice. However, they’re packed with a range of features ideally suited for enterprises. With a business VoIP service, you’d set up your phones the same way you would using traditional landlines. You can even use a business VoIP service to set up a full PBX switchboard. Alternatively, you can use VoIP services to set up an overflow system. In fact, you can use the service to do anything that you’d do with a standard land-based business phone line. Your employees will never notice the difference between VoIP service and a traditional phone line—unless they work in the field. In that case, VoIP service even enables workers to take their numbers with them. Nevertheless, business VoIP service enables companies to access high-quality calling at a fraction of the price of a standard phone line. The savings of a VoIP service alone can cover the monthly operational costs. Furthermore, with managed telephony service, you’ll always know that your business communications are secure  and managed 24/7.


How to Use VoIP

VoIP managed telephony services are digital. For this reason, they easily integrate into existing and planned IT systems. Furthermore, you can easily initiate and track calls when using a VoIP system and can access VoIP voicemail wherever you go. A business VoIP phone system is easily scalable – when your company grows, there’s no need to add new lines. All you need to do is arrange to add a new user with your outsourced managed telephony provider. Business VoIP service is a smart investment for any company; reconfigure as needed and it will save you time and money. VoIP telephony services also integrate easily with other technologies. For example, you can link your VoIP service seamlessly to call centre management software or directly with your customer relationship management (CRM) application. All you need to get started with managed telephony is a high-speed internet connection. Ultimately, VoIP service allows you to do away with aging phone lines and expensive maintenance fees.


Understanding Managed Telephony

Managed telephony services will improve your communication and boost workplace productivity. At the same time, you’ll still have the same dial tone and reliability of traditional copper wire phone systems. However, you’ll enjoy advanced functionality with a range of features that come standard with VoIP business phone services. With VoIP services, you’ll have access to fast and effective communication. In many instances, you can simply click on a link to initiate a phone call once you have installed VoIP service. With this feature, for example, you can initiate a call right from your CRM, email or browser. You can also use a business VoIP system to route your calls intelligently within your business and provide enhanced user experiences. You’ll find that VoIP greatly increases your productivity – communicate seamlessly across multiple devices, introduce instant messaging and video conferencing to your daily client interactions. Today, connectivity is important for succeeding in business – with business VoIP service, you’re no longer restricted by geography. Business VoIP enables you to work from anywhere whilst still presenting a professional interface with your customers.


Why Should I Upgrade My Trusty PBX System?

From your employee’s perspective, your VoIP system will not look much different – however when you look under the hood, VoIP service is very different. With managed VoIP service, there’s no need to invest in expensive equipment with fewer components, there are fewer things that can go wrong. Using your VoIP service, your staff members can communicate with customers and each other using any internet-connected device; employees can even use Wi-Fi, a 4G or a 5G connection. Best of all, getting started with a business VoIP service is simple. There’s no complex, expensive process as if you were investing in a new land-based business phone service. With a reliable internet connection and handsets or headsets of your choice, implementation is relatively easy and quick. A VoIP service costs less to install and maintain compared to traditional phone service and potentially can be enabled directly with your existing ISP(Internet Service Provider).


How Managed Telephony Works

Cloud-based service providers offer managed telephony services. To use the service, you’d simply dial the number you want to call. The service provider will then manage the routing and convert your voice signals into data packets. They’ll then transmit those signals using your internet connection, with your call connected to its intended destination seamlessly. In your office, you’d replace your phones with affordable VoIP desk phones and instead of plugging your phones into your landline jack, you’ll plug them into your computer network.

Alternatively, you can use computer softphones – Softphones allow you to make calls using a headset and your computer. You can also use a softphone with any internet-connected device—including your smartphone. No matter the device, you’ll use a modern, intuitive interface to make your call. It will connect your phone call in mere seconds.  It’s important to remember that managed telephony services work using the cloud. For this reason, you can manage your entire business phone system using a convenient dashboard, giving  you full control over your business VoIP system.  You’ll also have full control over the features of your VoIP system. For example, you can use your dashboard to add or remove users and, assign and reassign call forwarding.


The Top Benefit of VoIP: Your Bottom Line

Business VoIP services enable you to access low-cost calling. Furthermore, today’s top managed telephony services provide guaranteed quality of service. Resultantly, every phone call that you make using your business VoIP system will sound crystal clear.

There’s a reason, however, other than equipment cost and labour, why VoIP phone service cost less. With a standard phone line, service providers can only install a limited number of lines – each line can only serve one phone number. For this reason, traditional landlines cost more to use—especially when making long-distance calls. With business VoIP phone service, you can bypass these limitations. More importantly, you can make domestic and international calls more affordable and in some cases even make domestic calls for free with a subscription package. Finally, business VoIP service is flexible. You can take it with you wherever you go. Today, an increasing number of entrepreneurs work outside of the office. If this sounds familiar, you’ll most certainly find that VoIP service is highly beneficial.


Next-Level Communication With the Top Sydney IT Service

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